Easy image Gallery

A gallery developed for easy image management


  • Fully responsive grid and popup
  • Masonry layout mode on certain template
  • Lazy Load Feature
  • Powerful filtering
  • Searching system
  • Auto cuts the height of the thumbnails with CSS techniques (with basic template)
  • Full width, the grid will adapt to the 100% of its container.
  • You can specify a special number of columns for a image
  • Display a personal date forma in option
  • CSS3 Effects and GPU acceleration
  • Easy implementation
  • Compatible with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Deactivate and Activate Features through edit.
  • Fully customizable and adaptable to your needs

A gallery with all default settings

Displaying photos as a grid with 4 columns and a simple Lightbox.

Natively, this template use a masonry layout mode to display thumbnails. It provide tags filtering and text filtering (both in option). All images is lazy loading : a very light grey image is firstly displayed then replaced by a retina thumbnail image.

A Gallery with Masonry template and Intense Lightbox

On this template, the hover background color, opacity and text color is customizable to your need. Filtering are enabled.

A gallery with Basic template

On this template, all images is cropped to create uniformity.